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SEAJET 122 Briliance Topcoat - 750 ml

Seajet 122 Brilliance is one component finish, available in a range of popular colours.

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Short overview

Finish Seajet 122 Brilliance is easy to apply product with optimal performance for one-component finish. It provides resitance to minor knocks.


Name Parameters Additional info
Durability against abrasion Very suitable
Gloss retention Ideal
Is it easy to achieve a "mirror finish" when applied by hand Ideal
Suitable for direct application on fibre glass Very suitable
Suitable for application on similar previous coatings Very suitable
For use in internal spaces Suitable
Suitable for deck coating Suitable
Colour White, oyster white, cream, mid blue, navy blue, signal red.
Coverage rate when rolling Application by brush - 11-13 m2/lt
Pack size 750 ml