Technical Services

  • Fire - Fighting Service

    What we do:


    Bi-Annual Inspection of CO2 fixed system

    Inspection of Water Mist & Smoke Detection systems

    Inspection of fire extinguishers, incl. hydrotesting with CERTIFICATEs

    Inspection of  SCBA & EEBD  sets

    Inspection of Medical O2 cylinders, incl. hydrotesting with CERTIFICATEs


  • Life Saving Appliances

    What we do:

    5-yearly inspection of FFLB / RB /

    Conventional Boats / Davit & Gears

    Annual inspection of FFLB / RB / Conventional Boats /Davit & Gears

    Inspection of Liferafts 

    IMO tests, incl. of certificates 

    Delivery of provision kits & safety inventory as per SOLAS requirements

    Repairs from Authorized Technicians in approved Service Station

    Inspection of lifejackets & immersion suits

     Authorized Service Station and dealer for commercial and yacht inflatable liferafts manufacturers:


    - SURVITEC GROUP companies as follows,

    - RFD, Great Britain,

    - DSB, Germany,

    - RFD-TOYO - Japan,

    - ZODIAC - SOLAS Liferafts - France

     Inflatable life jackets - VIKING LIFE-SAVING EQUIPMENT

    Thermal insulation suits - VIKING LIFE-SAVING EQUIPMENT, Denmark,

  • Repair squad

    Overhauling and repair of main and auxiliary engines

    Electrical motors overhauling

    Overhauling and repair of valves

    Overhauling / Inspection of pumps, compressors

    Inspection and servicing of deck and mooring units

    Hull protection replacement

    Deck mild steelwork

    Welding activities


L.S.A. And F.F.E.  The service of NBS Maritime OOD is staffed by specialists with many years of experience in the field of maritime safety. We pride ourselves on our experienced staff, qualified and regularly trained according to the manufacturer's strict procedures. Our site is located in port of Varna East and we are always available to provide our customers with the right service at a high level.


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