Mobile satellite communications

Mobile satellite communications

NBS Maritime Communications provides complete communications solutions for marine companies and vessels, offshore platforms, military bases and missions, remote areas beyond the coverage of standard networks.

The company's product portfolio includes basic and broadband voice and data services, Internet access, terminal devices, satellite phones, and services provided through the global satellite networks of the leading suppliers of Inmarsat, Iridium and Thuraya.

The department is made up of professionals with many years of practical experience in the field of mobile satellite communications that apply the latest technology in their business

The company's communication solutions are focused on the individual needs and requirements of the customer, providing the end user with the opportunity to use the full functionality of their communication needs in remote areas.


    SeaDirect is a VSAT service, NBS Maritime's latest communications solution, which includes providing unlimited Internet access along with a multi-functional platform for network management and ship communications from the shore. Basic functions:

    - Unlimited internet onboard

    - QoS and channelization of communication channels

    - A HotSpot voucher system for ship users

    - Module WiFi network for ship users

    - Firewall and Web Filters

    - Cyber ​​protection

    - Reliable business communication in real time and traffic control

    - VoIP Voice Communication Module

    - Access to Email, Multimedia, TV, Video, Social Networks

    - Module for 3/4G, LTE communication

    - Client Interface for Monitoring and Control

    - Fixed monthly fee

  • Satellite phones and terminals

    Satellite phones and terminals help users stay connected when travelling to remote areas out of standard GSM coverage.

    Our portfolio includes:

    Satellite phones: Iridium 9555, Iridium Extreme, IsatPhone Pro, Thuraya XT Pro, Thuraya SatSleeve +, etc.

    Satellite terminals: Iridium GO!, Inmarsat BGAN, IsatHub, Thuraya IP+, etc.

    Monthly subsciption plans, prepaid SIMs and voichers for voice and data services of Iridium, Inmarsat and Thuraya.

    For inquiries: +359 52 683 366 and

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Why NBS Communications

  • Comprehensive analysis of current communication system
  • Customized solutions to improve the efficiency of business operations
  • Business savings and cost reduction through the optimum communications plan for your needs
  • Expert advice in best practices for implementation
  • Complementary technical consultancy at every situation