Dr. Skatov’s expedition to Lhotse and Everest, backed up by NBS Communications

With the support NBS Communications, vegan mountaineer Dr. Atanas Skatov will attempt to climb both peaks Lhotse (8516 m) and Everest (8848m) in 24 hours during his next expedition. Extremely demanding for the alpinists, such combination climbing of Lhotse and Everest has been achieved just a few times in the past. Lhotse is one of the most challenging mounts for climbers, and in 2016 despite of many attempts, it was not successfully conquered. This very ambitious goal is part of Dr. Skatov’s project, focused on climbing of the world’s highest peaks without the use of animal food products such as meat.   
NBS Communications is proud to support this challenging endeavor, which aims to prove the power and strength of human spirit and the everlasting will for exploration. In cooperation with Thuraya Communications, NBS Communications will provide mobile satellite voice and data equipment, and services to help the expedition stay connected, even at 8000 metres.

Dr. Skatov will be equipped with Thuraya satphone and data terminal Thuraya IP+. Thuraya voice is well known for crystal clear and uninterrupted connectivity. Thanks to the high speeds of up to 444kpbs on standard IP, provided by Thuraya IP+, Dr. Skatov will be able to send photo and video materials from the expedition on daily basis. Weighing only 1.4kg and with integrated antenna, the terminal is easy to carry and can be deployed from backpack to broadband instantly. It delivers the fastest IP speeds for a device of its size, including streaming IP, thus making it the best choice not only for explorers, but also for media, military and business users. Due to its excellent IP capabilities, Thuraya IP+ can be used for a range of activities – to send files, browse the internet, access corporate networks, communicate via email and social media, for video conferences and chat over VoIP.
For further information about satellite phones and mobile satellite terminals, contact us at: +359 52 683 700 or mss@nbs-maritime.com.

About NBS Communications

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