FAQ about SeaDirect

Initially, when we launched for the first time SeaDirect VSAT service, after a meeting specially made to present it, we recorded an increasing interest from our customers. After conversations, e-mails and phone calls from prospects, we have still received a lot of questions about SeaDirect service.

So, we would like to share the most frequently asked questions with you, to be sure you are well-informed and you have all the useful information in one place.


Q: How does SeaDirect help to improve business efficiency? 

 A: SeaDirect is an innovational smart service, which provides:

- High-speed access to all the information in real-time  -  all teams (onboard and on the shore) are connected 24/7. The  ship-owner is always well-informed and able to react in each situation right on time as quickly as the information comes;

- Files messaging and data exchanging;

- Perfect advantages to the ship-owner, who can make well-informed decisions, be always on time and quicker than the competitors.


Q: How does SeaDirect help for better communication?

A: Communication in real-time, access to company files servers and resources, ERP, CRM systems, social networking, VoIP with DDI numbers in the country of ship-owner office and Headquarters.

Q: What is Internet speed? Are there any limitations?

A: Speed form 1024 Kbps up to 16 Mbps with no limitations. Flat monthly fee with no hidden taxes. Predictable budgeting for ship-owners.


Q: What is the coverage of the service?

A: We provide regional coverage depends on the vessel operation area and Global coverage.

Q: Is the connection secure?

We provide:

- All levels of hardware and software system security;

- Ultimate cyber protection;

-  24/7 network operational centers for monitoring and technical support.


Q: Who can manage SeaDirect platform?

A: People who can manage it are the ship-owner/s and other authorized person/s.

The monitoring covered the shipping network, traffic, crew vouchers, rights, and limitations.


Q: How SeaDirect helps to reduce budget costs?

A: SeaDirect system has:

- Auto-selection gateway for automatic switching to the preferred network when in the range  - QoS (Quality of Service - automatic switching of incoming and outgoing traffic – this smart system automatically chooses the most cost-effective communication channels for the ship;

- Web Compressions and blocking banners and advertisements and Web filtering  - the system provides additional compression of electronic messaging data, which saves up to 30% of ship traffic, so this is an easy way to reduce the monthly fees;

- Cost management of crew communications – provide personal voice and data communication with crew PIN-code cards.


Of course, the questions above are the most common ones, but it is still possible to be more specific to your case.

Feel free to contact us for whatever you want concerning SeaDirect. Send us your inquiry now:mss@nbs-maritime.com.