In memoriam Atanas Skatov

We at NBS Maritime Ltd are happy to have known the man, the athlete, the friend with a strong will and invincible spirit - Atanas Skatov.

For us, he will forever remain in our hearts as a friend committed to his goals and projects, namely to show that there are no impossible things and everything is achievable if you believe in him and put the necessary work for it. To explore our own body and find what is best for it, trying to protect the environment and live in harmony with ourselves and nature. To believe in ourselves and in the power of our abilities. He proved how a person has never played sports and a vegan with motivation and a spirit of victory climbs thousands.

Our partnership started in 2014 with his project to climb Mount Everest and continued throughout all his expeditions. Over the years, A. Skatov has trusted us and uses equipment provided by us satellite phones Iridium, Inmarsat - Isatphone 2 - Thuraya - XT PRO, and satellite terminal Thuraya IP +. We at NBS Maritime Ltd. will always remember in our hearts the dreamer and the fighter who changed the idea of ​​the power of the capabilities of the human body and spirit!

Rest in peace, Nasko!