NBS Communications solution brings internet to passengers onboard ferry vessel “Geroite na Odessa”

Communications system from NBS Maritime provides broadband satellite internet to ferry “Geroite na Odessa”, sailing in the Black sea between Varna (Bulgaria), Poti (Georgia) and Chernomorsk (Ukraine). In designated WiFi hotspots passengers will be able to enjoy internet access on their own devices – smartphones, laptops, tablets. The communications system from NBS includes broadband satellite terminal Thuraya Atlas IP and multifunctional communications platform – SeaDirect. The multifunctional platform SeaDirect is complete solution for centralized management of vessels’ communications network on satellite broadband installations. The platform enables WiFi data connectivity in designated WiFi hotspots for the passengers onboard the ferry.

features facilitate data traffic optimization, multi networks control - broadband, VSAT, 3G, Wi-Fi, firewall, port forwarding, option for configuration of 2 sub-networks for business and crew communications, auto selection gateway for automatic switching to preferred network when in range, port forwarding,web compression, etc. The satellite internet connection is provided by satellite terminal Thuraya AtlasIP. The terminal features the highest speed for broadband data for maritime users – up to444kbps. The device operates in the network of the leading satellite operator – Thuraya Telecommunications which direct partner for Bulgaria and Black Sea zone is NBS Maritime. The terminal is packed with a range of functionalities, which make it the ideal choice of vessels of different types– separate voice and data modes, SMS, distressalert, built-in firewall and MAC filtering, port forwarding, built-in GPS, Geofencing function, etc.

This project is the another step of NBS Communications to promote Thuraya maritime broadband services for vessels sailing in Black Sea providing reliable satellite internet for crew and passengers entertainment out of standard GSM coverage.