NBS Communications supports Speed x 14 x 8000 x Vegan expedition

For over 3 years now NBS Communications has been backing vegan mountaineer Dr. Atanas Skatov. His project is focused on climbing of the world’s highest peaks without the use of animal food products such as meat. Now the project is at its second stage: Speed climbing of the 14 peaks over 8 000 m. Just 2 weeks after his return from the successful conquering of Annapurna, Makalu and Dhaulagiri in the Himalayas, on Wednesday Dr. Skatov headed to Karakoram in Pakistan. There, he is going to attempt a climb of the 11th and 13th highest peaks in the world - Gasher­brum 1 and Gasher­brum 2. NBS Communications is proud to support this challenging endeavor because it a proof of the power and strength of human spirit and demonstrates the will for exploration.

NBS Communications is providing for the expedition satellite phone Iridium 9555, enabling reliable connectivity even at the 8000m height. Iridium 9555 is compact, light, and highly dependable satellite phone that provides uninterrupted communication lifeline for modern day explorers and corporate users in remote areas. It is specially designed to withstand rugged environments and harsh weather conditions. For further information about satellite phone, contact us at: +359 52 683 366 or mss.sales@nbs-maritime.com.

To find follow Dr. Skatov’s progress, check NBS website regularly.