NBS’s Sea Direct VSAT coverage enhanced

NBS Maritime Communications has significantly improved the network coverage of its flagship SeaDirect VSAT service through new high-bandwidth satellites (HTS) and beam enhancements, offering excellent connectivity to marine users of major sea lanes and areas for yachting and fishing operations.


Two new high-bandwidth satellites, SES-14 HTS and SES-15 HTS have been added to the network, providing boost coverage and quality of service to consumers operating in Latin America, the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America, Hawaii, North America, and North Atlantic Ocean. In addition to the latest HTS, joining the SeaDirect network, new spot beams have been illuminated on SES 'newest satellite, the SES-12 HTS, to increase the capacity of vessels sailing in popular shipping companies routes around the South China Sea, the Gulf of Thailand, and the waters of Papua New Guinea.


The platform also supports NBS Maritime Communication's commitment to flexibility and adaptability, enabling the satellite communications provider to deploy managed HTS and multi-point beam architectures consisting of increasing beam, frequency, and bandwidth. The scalable, cutting-edge platform provides enhanced network maintenance and control functionality capable of sustaining growing customer connectivity needs long into the future.


Thus NBS Maritime Communications continues to provide highly reliable services to its current customers, and to successfully increase its market share in providing VSAT services in the range of Ku-band tops iDirect technology.