The first satellite smartphone Thuraya X5-Touch introduced by Thuraya Telecommunications

Thuraya Telecommunications proved that to be an innovator in mobile satellite technology once again with the introduction of the first satellite smartphone - Thuraya X5-Touch. The device was presented at the annual Thuraya Partners Conference on 11th April in Dubai, and will be available from NBS Maritime as the direct partner of Thuraya Telecommunications in Q4/2018.

The satellite smartphone is based on Android operating system and has full HD touchscreen display that allows the user to take advantage of the popular mobile applications available for Android devices. Thuraya X5-Touch is the second Thuraya device on the market with 2 slots for SIM cards – GSM and satellite after Thuraya XT PRO-DUAL. In addition to 2G and 3G, maintained by Thuraya XT PRO-DUAL, Thuraya X5-Touch operates in 4G frequency ranges, as well. The satellite smartphone has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC connection capability, which enables the user to download in advance the favourite mobile apps and to exchange large files. Similar to other Thuraya devices, Thuraya X5-Touch is equipped with advanced navigation and tracking systems GPS, Glonass and BeiDou, thus providing more flexibility for users in different regions. The telephone is enhanced with full water and dust protection – IP67 and is MIL compliant. Other functions of Thuraya X5-Touch include front and rear camera, built-in SOS button, extended battery life for more talk time and stand-by, etc.

The first satellite smartphone Thuraya X5-Touch will be available for purchase from NBS Maritime as direct partner of Thuraya Telecommunications from Q4 of 2018. The device can be ordered online or by contacting NBS Communications team:; tel. 052 683 700, 052 683 366.

Thuraya X-5 Touch product pic

Thuraya X5-Touch Overview

Operating system: Android

  • Full HD 5.2-inch touchscreen display
  • 2 SIM slots – satellite and GSM
  • GSM frequencies: 2G; 3G; 4G
  • Satellite system: Thuraya with coverage of over 160 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC
  • Navigation systems: GPS, Glonass, BeiDou
  • Gorilla® glass display
  • Durability: IP67, MIL
  • Camera– front and rear
  • Built-in SOS button
  • Available from Q4/2018