Product code: 1070


Thuraya Orion IP is specially designed for users who require reliable high speed L-band data connectivity on board. Data speeds of Standart IP up to 444kbps and Streaming IP up to 384kbps make it suitable for VOIP.

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Short overview

The device is light, compact and easy to install. It features built-in WiFi and is suitable both for business and crew communications. Thuraya Orion IP enables users to set up additional hardware and software solutions, based on their requirements.


Name Parameters Additional info
Satellite system Thuraya
Coverage Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia Does not cover North and South America
Data Standard IP: до 444kbps; Streaming IP: at 16 – 384kbps
Other Ethernet: 4 PoE ports, supplying 15W each to 4 PoE – compatible devices
Other Wi-Fi
Dimensions Antenna: 277 mm (diameter) х 391 мм (height)
Weight 3,2 kg
Voice No
SMS capability No