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Inmarsat Fleet One is maritime terminal for vessels with requirement for low monthly volume of traffic or seasonal usage.

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Short overview

The terminal provides voice, SMS and data connectivity. The data connection is suitable for email correspondence without exchange of big files, usage of navigational maps or to check weather forecasts. With Inmarsat Fleet One you can send distress signal to the Maritime Rescue and Coordination Centre (MRCC) by Inmarsat 505 service.


Name Parameters Additional info
Satellite system Inmarsat
Coverage Global without polar regions Option for the service with coastal coverage only
Voice Yes, one line
Data Up to 100kbps
SMS capability Yes
Distress signal 505 emergency number
Dimensions Terminal: 278 мм (L) х 264мм (W) х 41мм (D) Antenna: 275mm (D) x 291mm (H)
Weight 2 kg 3.9 kg
Other Option for connection with WIFi router
Modes Simultaneous voice and data usage
Other Options for coatal and global airtime packages