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Satellite terminal THURAYA IP+

Thuraya IP+ is the most compact broadband mobile satellite terminals on the market. You can rely on Thuraya IP+ when you are looking for easy to carry device with unparalleled satellite data connection.

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Short overview

The terminal can be configured for asymmetric steaming, which allows you to allocate different speed for upload and download depending on your requirements. In this way you can optimize the cost for satellite data substantially.


Name Parameters Additional info
Satellite system Thuraya
Coverage 160 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia Excluding North and South America
Data Standard IP: до 444kpbs; Streaming IP: 16 – 384kbps
Voice No
Dimensions 216 мм (L) х 216 мм (W) х 45 мм (D)
Weight 1.4 kg
Battery - stand-by up to 30h
Batery - talk time up to 1 hour
Operating temperature range Operating regime: battery power supply: 0°C +50°C; external power supply: -25°C to +55°C Storage: with battery 0°C to +50°C; without battery:-25°C to +80°C